InterRail Part 1 – Amsterdam

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A couple of days ago, I returned home after spending a couple of weeks interrailing around Europe, Amsterdam being our first main stop. We hopped on our first train at 6am, made it to Paris for lunch, rode through Belgium, and went to bed in Amsterdam, all in one day.

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A New Project: Hand-painted Denim Dress

After completing my first little embroidery project (here) a while back I knew I wanted to do more DIY-ing of some clothes that I don’t really wear anymore, however I thought I’d switch it up this time and try out fabric painting. Again, this was not something I’d ever tried before – I hadn’t even painted anything in general since art class in about Year 8, so this was a completely new experience.  Read More

Film review: Crazy Rich Asians (2018)

I have to admit when I first heard of the title “Crazy Rich Asians”, I wasn’t entirely sure what to expect. I thought at the very least it would be a kind of cringe “Asian” story misrepresenting both the people and cultures through stereotypes, as an attempt to capitalise on the recent “trend” of racial diversity. But boy was I wrong. Read More

Ask a Radical Copyeditor: Are There Limits to Self-Identity Language?

Radical Copyeditor

Agency and identityFull image description.

Are There Limits to Self-Identity Language?

Q: In response to your piece about person-centered language, my mind goes to difficult situations where I’ve interacted with marginalized people who use/identify comfortably with terms I understand to be oppressive, e.g., a trans woman using the term “tranny.”

In another more privileged direction, I’ve interacted with people who don’t identify with the term “cis” despite being cis, and have heard members of oppressed groups say, “you don’t get to choose not to be cis.”

So I guess my internal query is, how far does the agency of one’s identity go? And does language that marginalizes an oppressed group supersede the desire of an individual in their expression of identity through language?

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Embroidery Update

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A little while ago, I made a post about trying my hand at embroidery for the first time (read here). I started this a few months ago, and at the time had only completed the roses around the collar before getting caught up in schoolwork and exams, and sort of pushing it to the side. Read More